Valentines Day Preparation

ImageIt’s almost Valentine’s Day!  Have you made plans yet?  No I am not asking about dinner or gifts, but the romance with your significant other…  Here are some tips to get your evening started.  Step by Step to the Perfect Kiss! * Smell you…r breath (so important!) * Kiss your palm (make sure your lips are soft and perfect) * Kiss their palm (very sexy) * Hold their face in your hands (now you have their attention) * Start soft (lips closed, light angel kisses over every inch of mouth) * Detour to neck (same light sensitive kisses) * Back up to lips to nibble (remember lightly, you are not having dinner) * Open your mouth, lock lips, and move into a traditional kissing motion (vary the kiss through pressure. Contrast soft kisses with harder, passionate ones as you get more excited) * Use your tongue (carefully, no one likes a sloppy French kiss.  Try to lightly make a figure eight, try not to slober.  Note: “French kissing came from the Maraichins in Brittany, France.  It means maraichinage a technique of kissing “where lovers’ tongues caress the inside of each other’s mouths on long periods’) * Moan (the slightest sound lets your partner know that you are enjoying the kiss) * Put your fingers in your partner’s mouth (moisten your forefinger in your mouth, then outline your partners lips with that finger lightly darting in and out of the mouth) * Repeat as necessary

If none of this sounds appealing to you and your significant other, maybe you would like to work on renewing your passion.

Sovine Life Coaching  304-539-5000

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