Relationships & Parenthood

Have you ever noticed that the hardest jobs in life, you were never trained for, like parenting and relationships?  Early on phychiatrists blamed many of our adult problems on our parents…  Now when we look back, some can relate, but many of us realize that our parents like us did the best job they could on a day to day basis.  However, we cannot blame our parents for failing to teach us things about relationships that they just didn’t know…  In the book ” What Your Mother Didn’t Tell You & Your Father Didn’t Know” reminds us that during that generation that most mothers could not teach their daughters how to be feminine and also powerful, nuture a man without mothering/smothering him, or accommodating his wishes without sacrificing their own.  Many of our fathers found it difficult to convey communication skills to their sons, empathy, monogamy, respect were also subjects not open for discussion either.  It was not out of disrespect for us that these were left out our home education, it was just not part of their world.  Not saying that they did not live by those rules, in those days the above topics were not tolerated for open discussion.  Are you a teacher?


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