Live Like You Were Dying

Last night I lay awake thinking about my blogs and Facebook entries… They seem so generic. That is so not me. I really don’t want to turn anyone away, but I also want people to know who I really am. I am real, I have not always had an easy life, it has certainly had it’s ups and downs but I have chosen to take to high road. Get up one day at a time and smile, and hope that I can help at least one other person do that… I also tend to speak my mind and not blow smoke…

Funny, I like so many genres of music (seems off subject) but when I got to my office I set my Phone/Jawbone to Shuffle and 1st song was Live Like You Were Dying by Tim McGraw. I have asked my husband to play this at my memorial someday. I think if I had a mantra that would be it… The picture is of my family white water rafting in Costa Rica. Looked for one where we zip lined, that is where I was most terrified. But if we don’t push ourselves to live and love harder, we may regret the memories that we can make alone or with someone we love.

As a Baby Boomer, we haven’t taken much time to slow down and live like tomorrow is the last. What would you do today if you knew tomorrow was your last? Start by loving those around you deeper, speaking nicer, forgiving (might as well the other person probably doesn’t take a minute to think or care about you), and spending time with those you love. They will be there long after the job, the game, the committee commitment, etc.

This one’s for you Dad… Glad we got to go to the Mountaineer Opry several times the year before you died. Love you forever!


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