In Memory of…

Being a Life Coach sort of discourages the discussion of death, but hey I am who I am because of the people throughout my life. One of my favs passed this week, Ernie Hall of Hall’s Funeral Home in Proctorville, Ohio. It is a family owned business since before I was born I guess. And that is saying a lot! I don’t want to say I’m old, but dirt looks up to me. Well back to my blog.. Ernie Hall was one of those people who ran his business like he was. Honest. He and his wife raised a family that all works together and has the same family values. You never ran into Ernie that he wasn’t smiling, didn’t shake your hand or make sure you were taken care of (at the business or out). He was known throughout the community for his kindness, generosity, honesty, thoughtfulness, and so many more. He made you feel like his own. Running a mortuary can’t be the easiest business in the world to run. You work with people when they are at their weakest. Ernie knew that and tried so hard to ease that pain. He has passed that gift on to his family also.

Some of the (many, many) things that I have learned from Ernie is that a nice guy can get ahead in life. Raising a family with love and holding on close(emotionally) is good. Helping others (instead of not looking away) is the right thing to do.

RIP, Ernie Hall! The world is a better place because you were here.


Peggy Sovine

ps… Which of these values do you see in yourself? Which do want to improve?


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