A Beautiful You

It’s what you do, and the way you think that makes you beautiful! Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. This fish has no idea what a beauty it is. There are no mirrors, wrinkles, job stress to wear it down. Just survive. Swim in the beautiful clear blue sea and be radiant. However, does it’s radiance attract the larger fish to attack? Or would you prefer to be a more average fish swimming in the beautiful clear blue sea equally as happy and beautiful and so many different ways… Have you ever met someone that is maybe a 5 on what some would consider that “1-10” looks meter (by the way, hate that)? After just a few minutes, you realize that person has either added to that number on the chart or subtracted from that number? Why? The personality, the way they handle themselves, if they are kind, if they are vain, etc. There are so many variables to “the beauty” of a person! Look within yourself and see if you like what you see… Are you over critical of the beauty within? Do you need to be nicer and smile more often? Karma goes a long way… Learn about the beauty within you.


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