Sex at 50+

This is a crazy thing to be excited about… I got my Feb/Mar 2013 AARP magazine over the weekend and the cover was FULL of articles that just made me smile! “Get a Happiness Makeover”, “Find the Work You Love”, and my fav, Sex at 50+ What’s “Normal”? Normal is such an interesting word. It’s in the dictionary, but I have yet to find it in society. I have met amazing, interesting, depressing, misunderstood, happy, sad, and so it goes people.. As for that, one person’s normal may not be another’s. All in all it’s a good article. Great questions, some of the same I ask in my practice. Such as, “How often doe you kiss passionately?” “Do you ever hold hands in public, PDA?” “Do you get the sense that your partner often has sex with you out of a sense of obligation?” AARP has done a random survey with female/male results with reasoning. You should ask yourself some of these questions. If you want to make more of the precious time we have and the amazing experience that we possess, don’t sit back and wait for someone to make the first move. Do it! Call me @ 304.539.5000


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