Is it just me or when did (it seems like government & business) lost the concept of “Common Sense”. I talk to my friends about this all the time. If “they” did it this way, or if “they” did it that way. Doesn’t matter the party, or the management. That changes from time to time but the chaos seems to continue. At what point did we as a society lose the ability to sit down and discuss what is the “most sensible” way of doing things? Without discussing parties, we put men and women in Congress to vote on issues for us (BTW did you know the average age in the House is 56.7 and Senate is 62.2). Are they voting for us or arguing for the sake of arguing for party sake? There are a few that are trying to work together… Thank you, “Common Sense”! At home, we have children out of control… Mostly hormonal, but isn’t it common sense to set basic rules for your children? We say “You are what you eat”, “Repetitive Learning”, etc… Your children are learning by example parents! Please don’t forget that… No one is perfect, but when a teenager never sees you, or continually sees you in an unkind light and is front of a violent video game numerous hours a day isn’t it common sense to expect more violence in our society? I really don’t need an extensive study done to clarify that for me. Why do kids bully? Who teaches one child is better than another? I really think that no parent thoughtfully puts that in a child’s mind, however do you do anything to derail those thoughts with positive motivation instead? What about this… If you can remember one thing that your parents taught you that was a piece of common sense that has helped you through life, write it down. Share it. Our society is moving so fast that it may be taking a step back in a place or two… Wouldn’t it be nice to provide a better place for ourselves as well as for our children? Come to think of it, that’s the same goal that my parents (and surely yours) had for you… Mirror a positive environment and use common sense! It might make life so much better!


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