Liar, Liar

Remember the catchy little phrase we used to say “Liar, liar, pants on fire”? What happened to integrity? Do we not have enough respect in ourselves to tell the truth? Or our “so called” friends, loved ones, etc? What I used to tell my kids was if you make a mistake, just tell me… You might get in trouble, but it will be NOTHING like if you lie and I find out… Then you get punished for lying and the mistake, but more so for the lie! Instilling the truth in our children not only for us, it is for their future spouse and children. Sometimes the truth is hard to hear. But it is real. And we can deal with real. It’s the lies that creep into the cracks of our lives to destroy and hurt. Here’s a thought… When a person lies, their pants actually catches on fire! In an unfortunate area! Bet he/she rethinks lying the next time!!!


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