Don't Look Back

When I saw this phrase, the scene from (I think) one of Bert Reynolds “Smoky & The Bandit” movies popped in my mind where a man with a scarf around his neck hops into a convertible sports car, readying for the race, rips the rearview mirror off the car and speeds away letting the scarf blow away in the wind saying “It’s not what behind me that counts, only what’s ahead”… Or something like that. Funny but how true that funny little scene stuck with me. You cannot fix your past. It is behind you. You can ask amends for wrongs you have committed, then you must move on. We can have loving memories of family and friends, but as much as we wish, a memory is not a tangible item, and we must move on. Leaving us moving forward. We have learned valuable lessons that we can apply to our future, we can mirror some of our better moments but all in all the grass is not greener from before. We may be grayer, but we are wiser. Use your wisdom (no matter how you found it) and pass it on, forward, ahead, and every other synonyms that I can think of for moving progressively forward!


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