Are You At Least Kissing?

It’s a cold and snowy night. A night meant to snuggle… A perfect night to reduce your anxiety, increase our levels of oxytocin and bring peace to your relationship. Hopefully as a couple you are at the very least kissing each and everyday. As Emril would say, “Kick it up a notch” tonight! Pull out your copy of the Kama Sutra, or others that are interesting, Sex Over 50, Idiot’s Guide to Sex, The G Spot, etc… If you do not have any of these books close by try reading aloud from a Harlequin romance novel or Penthouse magazine.
Point being, women read Fifty Shades of Grey (3 series) loved it, and men seem to appreciate the “articles” in Playboy and Penthouse… Instead of just reading put your skills to use. You will both be healthier for it.


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