More Common Sense - Jodi Arias or Lil John?

I recently wrote another piece on “Common Sense”… It is obviously on my mind so I really feel the need to get it off 🙂 Yesterday I worked from home folding about a zillion brochures (be prepared you’ll probably be seeing one soon) and had CNN and some of the other news stations on in the background. All day I hear about the “Sequester”, the “Jodi Arias” case (sex/murder case in AZ), and the NE blizzard. Granted the NE blizzard was an important story that needed to be covered, the others have become a media circus. PEOPLE can we please bring back common sense and dignity to our news? I like so many others get drawn in, like watch a train wreck at both news on “Current Events”… But when our country (both parties) need to have a mediator come in like a marriage gone bad to de-escalate egos in Washington so as not to have our economy collapse is a sad state of affairs. Gentlemen in the House & Senate (President, also), run this country like you would your own checkbook at the end of the month. Well, maybe not your checkbook but the average American’s checkbook (and BTW guys it’s not $250,000). Take from both ends and meet in the middle… Re-evaluate welfare & tax big business. Leave social security & Medicare alone, it’s not your money anyway… Have someone erase that line has been drawn that dares Dems or Reps or cross it or forever be damned. We the majority of the people who do not live in Washington, who do not receive money from lobbyists want this country to work (apologize up front) and should not care whether it be Dem or Rep who does it! I know it’s not that easy. Nothing ever is! Coming up with rent at the end of the month for many is not easy. Finding a job for millions is not easy. Being homeless is not easy. These are things that are “not easy”! Coming to a compromise seems like it should be easier than that?? Common sense, right? If not, maybe some of you ladies and gentlemen in Washington should come out to the real world and swap places with your inner city or rural constituents for a while. Idea for a new reality show!!!

Next, how much common sense does it make for a murder trial in AZ to become the new “Shades of Grey”? Yes, I have been sucked into the personal life of Jodi Arias. Does that make me a voyeur? Probably. But why are we even hearing sex tapes and hearing about her Spiderman underwear? It’s a murder trial… The defense is “Battered Woman Syndrome”. This is a tragedy! For any woman who truly is battered and will need to use this defense in the future. Common sense, people! A murder trial, prove she murdered the man. Show forensic evidence, find her guilty or innocent and move on. The family of the man she murdered must be devastated by the graphic depiction of how she has painted him sexually. She has spent now 17 days on the stand. If we all had spent the same amount time having sexual relations with our significant other as we have watching or reading about such cases we would be so much more satisfied!

My Dad used to call it book smart vs street smart, COMMON SENSE. But I don’t think it exists at all anymore. After watching the news and reading the paper the most sensible thing I saw yesterday was that Lil John was beginning a National Zumba tour, I worry!


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