Sexual Education or Evolution

Are you a person who believes that we learn something new everyday? Do you read for pleasure and/or work? Do you retain details from conversations that you have with others? Learning can be a tiring business or it can be exciting and fulfilling experience! It’s all in how you look at things… If you are interested and motivated about the subject matter you could say be “passionate” about learning. Question #1…

How did you learn about sex? Did your parents have “the talk” with you? Did you get your information from class in High School? Did you and your friends talk about it? Or did you fumble your way through the 1st time?

I am a Baby Boomer, found out on my own… However, due to that I found it important to have “the talk” with my own children early on (most likely to their embarrassment). But I wanted it not to be a taboo subject, for them to feel like they could always feel comfortable asking questions. Just me…

However, lately I have spoken to several people in their 20’s who have told me that the only reference to sexual education that they had was textbook High School. Which is certainly better than nothing! But sex is not like riding a bike… sure the same old balancing act works for a while, but then you eventually get a little bored. Both men and women. And we certainly don’t want our significant other to go outside to find “another bike”. Thus, we “should” indeed educate ourselves to learn new “bike” tricks. As we know each time we have sex it is a whole new ride, but with education and practice you could learn to pop a few wheelies, glide freely on the downhill side, or try new tricks of your own… But where do you get that education? There are coaches like me out here to help (conversation only), tons of books that you can purchase (read together or separately), and/or watch video (preferably together so you don’t get into trouble later). Education is an everyday process, just like life. And just like life and any other skill that we want to improve, we need to practice! Put on your thinking cap and take off your clothes and get started!

I feel sure that some of you will be giggling, saying “oh no, not me!”, when I write these blogs… Ask yourself, when was the last time I had great sex with my partner? Did you like the answer? More chances than not your answer was a negative response. You should talk to your partner about the situation, however it seems that communication about sex is evolutionary. We have gone from the 1950’s when the utterance of the word “sex” would have you banned from radio or TV and couples had to sleep in twin beds on television show to free love in the 60’s and 70’s. Thus, so many “Baby Boomers”, well that and the fact that World War 2 was over… 🙂 During the sexual revolution premarital sex became accepted for both men and women. However, in the 1980’s the AID’s epidemic scared the hell out of the sexual revolution and with good reason. It was a moral and health wake up call. Free was not as free as people seemed to think. Monogamy was looking much better again. By the 1990’s the media had opened up about everything kind of sexual encounter there was, good and bad. But it was an opportunity to have open discussions about issues that had never been out in the open before. It was educational. Now in the 2000’s, we have seen the good, we have seen the bad, we have seen the excess, yet we are not willing to talk openly about our own personal sex lives. Is it out of embarrassment? Out of apathy? We all seem to agree that we want more for our children, why do we not want more for our self or the one that you have put yourself in a committed relationship? Someone is worth it!


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