Make a Choice to Be Happy

To those who know me, know that I go on and on about choices. If you are over 18 and living on your own, you basically have a choice to do and/or be anything you want to be. Ask my sons. They heard this relentlessly growing up. We were definitely not rich, but they were smart. The choices that were made did not always reflect that, but in the end the personal and business decisions have made them beautiful and successful men. Just as easily they could have made different decisions coming from a divorced home, but they didn’t. For other young men and women out there, make a positive choice to do something! Something besides sitting on your behind expecting your parents to support you for the rest of your life (or that’s how it feels to your parents). If you have been out of high school for 2 years and are not going to college or have a job, you need to make a choice! Have a back up plan… What if something happened to your parents? You need to find something you like to do that comes with a paycheck. While you are young and have a choice about what you will do with the rest of your life… Choices can change, that the great thing! But trying something is important, an experience! Don’t miss it. It will open up a new world to you, leave your old experiences and problems behind and start with good choices. Make today be who you want to be tomorrow.

You made choices everyday, choose not to be so negative about everything! There is something good in almost everything you see (sometimes you just have to look a little closer). When you start making positive decisions, your world will become brighter. This not magic, but it diverts the dark thoughts and brings light for a moment. Once it’s there, it can be like a guppy and multiply like an explosion! How do I know this. I am a bipolar. My world without medication is half and half. The depressive side is dark and sad. I would be satisfied to be left alone in the dark for days on end. But I choose (and the meds help) to get up, get dressed and look for all of the good things that life has to offer! I choose to see how rambunctious my 2 yorkies are when I come home to play. I chose to go back to college at 40. I choose to put on high heels and strut like I was 24 years old (I’m 55) and not care. I choose to eat smoked salmon for dinner somedays and love it. I choose to change my career and help people live a happier life. I hope you can make a choice to laugh today at just one thing, or see something that makes you smile, or tell a happy story, or just choose not to tell a sad one…


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