Friday. Another week has come and gone. Did you accomplish the goals that you set for this week? Did you have goals for this week? Honestly, I did not. The stomach flu derailed me on Monday & Tuesday. So I have been playing catch up the rest of the week. But no fear, hard work and busy hands, and a loud mouth will prevail. I will get the word of my business (Sovine Life Coaching) out there! And like in the “Field of Dreams, it is built (with much work) “They will come”. A few years ago I would probably would have answered like many of you reading this blog today. Goals! I can barely get through the week with work, chores, kids, etc. However, when you get a minute look at someone that you admire… How did they get where they are today? Luck? Being in the right place at the right time? Maybe… But most likely they worked hard to get there. That’s right, the plain old fashioned way. The artists that you love too watch or listen to most likely have played many times prior to a recording contract. The CEO of a company has risen through the ranks to get the position that they sit. Or like me, they go all in for the “Dream”. The commonality of any successful person is that they believe in themselves. And they make others believe in them as well. Self-esteem and work is a winning combination for anyone. Yes, anyone. Not just the ones who were voted Most Likely to Succeed in High School. Or those who spent 10 years in college. It’s for those to have tenacity. Those who refuse to give up. Believe that you can do ANYTHING, REFUSE TO TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER, & WORK RELENTLESSLY UNTIL YOU GET THERE!

Scoff if you must… Every successful person came from somewhere. The definition of success is different for everyone. The point is setting goals and working to get to where you want to be in life to make YOU happy is important. If someone else can get there, so can you. Says a small town bipolar 55 year old woman who just started her own business…


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