Short & Sweet

Short and sweet. Figuratively and literally. The blog and me. Quit laughing to those who know me! Yesterday I wrote long rants, but today I just want to make a thought short and sweet… I am thankful to have the ability to get out of bed, have the energy, and the means to go to a job that I love. Granted, it is one that I created. But by doing so, I hope to be a “Pay it Forward” kind of girl. And have a life that I look forward to exploring with my husband and children! From the Bahamas to Dominican Republic to my favorite, Costa Rica, etc… Many bipolar people have difficulty holding jobs, getting out of bed, focusing of day to day activities let alone leading a fully active “Normal” life. However, once again I am here to tell you it is possible. I am the short, (sometimes) sweet lady in the picture. Believe me I was not always this way, just ask my boys (although it brings back unpleasant memories). I was not diagnosed bipolar until I was 40. Thus the majority of my life I thought all of those feeling was just what life was all about. (Deal with it, no one loves me, better off going to sleep and not waking up, etc.) What bunk!!! After finding the right “cocktail of meds, I have turned my life around and the sky is my limit!!! Now I look back and think, “My poor kids, my poor parents, my poor friends…” As I now know the symptoms of the disease I cringe thinking yes I was there, yes, there too, shit did I do that. Until finally I had to build a closet the size of Carrie’s in Sex in the City big enough to put the skeleton’s of my past. It’s not easy. But what in life is? It took some pretty hard blows to make me realize that I really needed help. And for you that wonder what Bipolar is there is 2 different types. The essential feature of Bipolar I is a clinical course that is characterized by the occurrence of one or more Manic Episodes or Mixed Episode (these cannot be brought on by Substance Abuse). Recurrence is indicated by either a shift in the polarity of the episode or an interval between episodes of at least 2 months without manic symptoms. By this time I hope you know what Bipolar Disease means… You are chemically imbalanced to where you are live in a Major Depressive Episode or in a Manic Episode most of the time. Bipolar II is a clinical course that is characterized by the occurrence of one or more Major Depressive Episodes accompanied by at least one Hypomanic Episode. Hypomanic Episodes should not be confused with the several days of euthymic that may follow remission of a Major Depressive Episode. The presence of a Manic or Mixed Episode precludes the diagnosis. The rest you fear or fight them. With the Depressive Episodes it takes every iota of strength of you being to get out of bed, even to go to the bathroom… Not because of laziness, because of a disease. When you are in a Manic Phase it’s like you are on speed, you are Superman and no one can convince you otherwise. You are the world’s best multi-tasked! BTW, did you know that many artist, intellectuals & musicians were bipolar. Seems that that saying that there is a fine line between brilliance and “craziness” may be true. But as if these were not enough, please remember the fun facts that go along with Bipolar! Hyper sexuality. Kleptomania. Severe Mood Swings. Suicidal Thoughts. Antisocial Behavior. On and On. If you recognize any of these symptoms, please see a therapist! There is no need to hurt needlessly!! I have been there. Remember it, although want to forget, try to forget, and have mostly tucked it into my skeleton closet. These are the past for me. Today is a new day. And it can be for you too. Why do you want to do this to yourself? But the better question, why do you want your children, grandchildren, and friends to remember you like this?
Just remember… THIS IS A DISEASE, AND CAN BE CURED! NO MORE NO LESS THAN A FULLY CURABLE DISEASE. The only facture is you.. You do not get better if you don’t take your medicine and change your attitude!

Of course I found a couple of Great sayings that inspired me… Hope they do you too!

I’m a simple person who hides thousand feelings behind the happiest smile.

If it consistently makes you stressed or depressed… Let it o and set yourself free!

Life is way too short to spend another day at war with yourself!


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