In today’s society most of us have lost the balance in our life. We say that it is our “duty and/or responsibility” to be a super person. We must prove to “someone” that we can do it all. It could be your boss, your significant other, your children, your parents, or are you a perfectionist… No matter where you are in your life, you must maintain some type of balance… It is in the calculation to happiness! Some believe that a true balance life is nothing but a myth, please let me try and prove you wrong. For example, balance is basic physics, when an object does not have a uniform weight distribution then the center of gravity will be closer to where most of the weight is located. If you are putting all your efforts in one area and not attending to the others, you will fail/fall… A happy person tries to maintain equal parts of his/her life. Home, work, children, sex, friends and those other things that put a big old smile on your face. By saying to me, “I just have the time for ____ (any of those)”. Whose fault is that? If you want to have a more balanced life and make it work, will take work. Having the best is not always easy, nor come free. But it is worth it, to you and your family and friends. Would you rather them say nice things at your funeral, or have fun with them now. I’m not saying give up your job. Or fantasy football. Or nail night with the girls. But prioritize!!! Make room for it all, use a calendar if you must. But don’t watch your life go by! And I specifically say this to my bipolar friends. You can have it all too! Love yourself. Others do! You are beautiful inside and out! And your friends see that, and love that, and want to be with you! Make room in your life to do things with them. A one sided see-saw is no fun!
Create your vision.

Lifestyle, love style, business (one or all) are your life’s dream. We can set goals. Goals are measurable and quantifiable. They come in all shapes and sizes. We prioritize, follow-up, and follow through. There will be times to readjust, no one is perfect. Nor do we want to be… You would be all alone.

We should create more balance in our lives to inspire others. How will our children know about balance? How will they know about sacrificing time for others. It’s contagious! If we could be the start of something bigger than ourselves! Maybe someone in Washington will hear the word “Balance” and look it up in the dictionary. All definitions need to be used in this situation…

1. Love yourself first. You are an example to those around you. Teach them how to treat you.
1. Love yourself first. Teach people how to feel about themselves. And how to treat others.
1. Love yourself first. Love those around you. Yours may be the only smile they see all day.


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