I reposted a blog today from another blogger that I read and respected. I absolutely agree that the underlying issue is humanity. What is so wrong with love? Love is love is love… I believe that is the way it should be. We should have the choice. The choice to be happy. The choice to make mistakes. The choice to be the one to deal with the mistakes that we have made, not you or anyone else. Our hearts and souls bond. The sexiest part of our body is our brain. Be who you need to be. And to those (even the educated) who do not see it your way, they do not live in your shoes, or have to stand before your higher power… Evidently we (heterosexuals) certainly are not getting it so right, with over 50% divorce rate, and over that on 2nd and 3rd marriages. If I thought that my children would find someone would make them happy, I would not question the color, religion, gender, only the intent for my child. Evidently we can let our children play XXX rated (for violence) video all day long. Good hand/eye coordination, keeps them busy, etc. Baloney. Only if you are preparing for your child to go to war. One of mine did. I am proud of him! And he made it back. Fine, physically. I think war changes everyone who is around it. So does war games. It’s a convenient babysitter, please don’t let it be. You probably don’t want them to see two same sex people holding hands. I however am personally offended when watching a movie and there is uncalled for gore and violence, but that seems more acceptable than a naked body. Isn’t that one of God’s greatest creations?

Who is it for us to judge? If my memory serves me correctly, not us…


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