April Fool's Day

Happy April Fool’s Day. So far I’ve made it through the day (I think) without being tricked 🙂 Sorry, but I have never understood the appeal of tricking and/or humiliating someone in order to get the privilege to say “April Fool”! Doesn’t that make everyone there look like a fool? Instead, how about April Fab Day! Just sayin… It’s like a Bully’s holiday… How about we never have this again, or every other day of the year is Real People’s Day. In honor of everyone who struggles to get through the day. A mother who works and comes home to needy kids… A kid who has special needs… Those of us with mental challenges! Anyone fighting weight issues. Addiction issues. Those guys who work 12 hours a day, and no one EVER appreciates. To the college student who studies all night, works and/or goes to class all day. Thousands of people who love each other yet are denied to legally unite. Those who still have to face racism. And any kid in school that has ever been scared to walk down the hall. How about holidays for those people!!!


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