Do You Know What the Bottom Looks Like?

Yes, I am a Life Coach here to motivate you. The picture does not necessarily show that now does it? But I’ve had some special people on my mind and want each and everyone out there who reads this, 1) Thank you so much for taking the time to listen, and 2) You are NOT alone! We have no idea of who we see and know and talk to everyday. We might have a good idea. Those who we grew up with… Sisters, brothers, husbands/wife’s/lovers but unless you’ve been with someone 24/7 there are things you don’t know. People are complicated. Physically and emotionally. There are all kinds of specialists for our physical needs, but not so many for our emotional needs. Our country is just on the brink of understanding the need to accept the idea of Mental Health Awareness. Like the chicken and the egg, psychologists are torn in many instances with environment vs inherited. But all in all, at the end of the day we are a mess. Some are diagnosed, work well with a therapist and can be regulated with medications. And others can’t or won’t seek help. Some due to motivation, money, fear of stigma, or as in my case at one time I would have to had to get better to get off the couch to go see anyone. Depression, sadness, bipolar, anger, addiction can make you feel that there is nothing worse in the world! Every night or day when I went to sleep I wanted to close my eyes, I hoped so that I would not open them the next morning. Nothing could be worse than what I was going through at that current moment… That’s what I thought, until I walked by a Suicide Help Group for Children of Parents who had killed themselves. That was the bottom of the barrel. Something was wrong with me!!! I loved my sons more than my shitty life! No one should be this sad/depressed/unhappy/dependent. That’s when I found out that I was Bipolar. I had known for several years that “something” was wrong. But “those” around me didn’t want any of the stigma. For God’s sake people… S.T.I.G.M.A. Six letters. One word. One word that has ruined countless lives. After I realized that I was sick, like having heart disease, or high blood pressure and could be treated I know I could be OK. Plus between me and my Dad (RIP) we happened to be the most stubborn people in the world. We decided that I could do this. I could get financial aid, a part time job, help with Mom and MAKE IT WORK…

Right about this time my Mother became terminally ill and I moved back from Dallas and decided that since jobs were scarce in my field I would go back to college. If I could learn how to help fix myself, I could help to “fix” others! Six years, one BA in Psychology and M.Ed. and Mental Health Counseling. Met a beautiful musician and married him after I said NEVER after 16 yrs. When I moved to Charleston, coal was the business to be in! Within months I was offered the Assistant to the President & Sr. Team at a coal company. At 55, I decided I wanted to love what I did again…

If you’ve never been “broke”, and I don’t mean money, you will never appreciate the climb back up. Because you will not stop and/or settle for what you had, you will surpass and excel!!! I believe in you! You know why? If I can do it, you can too… I’m not brilliant, beautiful, rich, or magical.. I just worked harder, and was more stubborn than many.


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