Better than Sex?

Warning! I am obviously in a controlled manic state today. I’ve seen tons of things that I want to write about, so there may be more than one blog today… 1) Shopping is NOT better than SEX! 2) I LOVE to shop. 3) Shopping is expensive. 4) If your sex life is not better than shopping, something is stale or someone is not doing something right. 5) The only time shopping is more expensive than sex is, (a) if you don’t use protection (use it), (b) you have to pay a prostitute (really?, self service), (c) you are in a non-monogamous relationship and get caught.

Benefits of Better Sex?
1) Happier relationship, 2) Healthy emotional ego & body, 3) Physical exercise, 4) De-stress, and 5) List goes on & on & on….OH Yeah, #1 on the Shopping List too 🙂 (well maybe not immediate if it’s really good)

Benefits of Shopping? (unless you need something)
1) Immediate gratification, 2) Spending money that you could use for grander purposes, 3) Cluttering closet or household, 4) Breaking the bank, and 5) Please believe me, I do 1, 2, 3 and have in the past 4…

That being said, in my mind it is obvious that sex trumps shopping, hands down (up, sideways, upside down, doggie style, etc).

Again, please let me shamelessly hawk my services…. Intimacy/Sex coaching is one of my specialties’… Also, self-concept/esteem.

Self concept is so important for anyone whether looking for a job, relationship, or inner satisfaction. How you think about yourself is how you present yourself, in the majority of cases!!!!


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