I'm Out

I am blessed. To be bipolar. To be sexual. To be different. To be opinionated. To be kind, but stand my ground. Some call it crazy. To know that some people really like me, and others, really don’t. To love my kids beyond belief. Not to have a filter on my mouth. I call it unique.

I’ll take that day pass anytime I can get it, and run wild… Speak my mind. Not give a shit what others think. Love who I want to. Be friends with any/everyone. Listen to Johnny Cash to Bruno Mars. Friends, don’t be afraid to be yourself! It’s fun. Those who harass you are the ones who are afraid. Afraid of who you will be someday. Knowing today is the ONLY day they may get to push you around. Knowledge is POWER! One on one that bully is nothing… The reason the world is a wonderful place is because of the differences, not the molds of one. Why would we travel to see the same thing? Why would you want to listen to one thing over and over again?

Be you! Be unique! Escape from inside your shy, introverted wonderful soul… Be the best YOU you can be!


One thought on “I’m Out

  1. The Manic Knitter

    great post.However, I will say when manic, I do listen to the same song over and over..or if mixed and irritable and needing to block my thoughts. For example…. The post called ‘No more Drama.’ I could listen to that over and over and over….AND DO! I love when he lets go…what a voice, it gives me goosebumps every time.


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