You vs The World

Perspective. Is there something wrong with me we all ask? Labels, diagnoses are abundant! But the internal you, the core, the person that is reading this right now. If you are reading this or others like this, you are gold, you are trying to make your life better! There is so very much evil in this world as exampled by Boston’s bombings that we need to stop and look at where you are and what you have. Be thankful each and everyday for your family and friends. For your health (mental & physical) and happiness. Even when you are struggling. Struggling means you are still trying, and that is so much better than giving up or worse… If you are asking yourself about any of the above, your wants and needs must be many. As for so many suffer needlessly.

Take a deep look within and find something good and focus on that. I cannot believe that if we love ourselves and those around us, and teach/influence/example to those around us to do the same that we cannot eventually dent the ugliness that is growing out there. I for one refuse to go down without a fight! A fight to show that there is still good left in the world. Terrorism may pop up in the most unexpected places, but as in Boston it also brought out the best in the people who where there who helped.

Random acts of kindness will not only bring out the good in you, it will bring out the good in others also. It should not take a tragedy to bring out the best… Our best is who we should be. Is that not what we expect out of our children, spouse, significant other, employee, what we buy, where we go, the list goes on and on…. If we truly want a “Get what you give” society, do you really want, mediocre? Or worse, the shape “the world” is in today?


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