After all of the horrific things that have happened in our country this week, it might seem strange to read a blog about forgiveness. However, we may or may not find the guilty party in Boston’s bombing and if we do as private citizens we can only sit back and watch justice fall into place. I am certainly not suggesting that we forgive terrorists, only let go of the anger that we hold that can consume and made people bitter. These are not people as you and I, and trying to understand is as trying to differentiate between apples and oranges. As victims, we pray that we could do more but in reality we cannot. Anger and/or vengeance is but our enemy in the big picture (small one too). They are emotionally and physically unhealthy. A positive emotional energy, such as the Boston’s version of the National Anthem is an amazing gesture! Becoming stronger…

To the tragic victims in West, Texas an accidental explosion and fire has changed life the way they knew it forever. Reality will be different. We can only keep these people in our thoughts and prayers at this time. Send needed supplies. Love those around you, because you were blessed that it was not you. Those of us who know anyone from that area, pick up a phone, send your love and support. Become a positive effect in this hellacious tragedy…

Remember in both of these instances the good it brought in mankind. The helpers. Most men/women run away from danger, with these crises there were helpers who ran into the face of hell to help friends and strangers. Here lies an important question. Are you a helper? Would you have been willing to run into a fire or a possible bomb explosion to help a family member? A friend? A stranger? Remember someone most likely WILL be there for you…

There will always be evil, acts that defy all sense of decency. There is a time to learn, forgive, and move on.

Stay Strong, Boston & West!


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