The Best Lessons in Life

If I might be so bold, I have to be honest, these gentlemen have taught me the best lessons in life. They did not come from college textbooks. It was not from necessarily from wisdom that comes with age. Some of it came with the good vs evil lessons of life. But when it comes right down to it, true love and happiness stands here. These are my two sons. The picture was taken during a vacation in Costa Rica. I am truly blessed to have sons that are not only successful but are best friends. What more could a mother ask for? Compassionate. Smart. Funny. Did I teach that to them as children? I doubt that seriously! As much as I loved them, I did the best that I could as a single mother. Each day brought new and challenging tasks. School, sports, homework… At the time I had not been diagnosed Bipolar, so I was basically a mess. They were patient, or as patient as young to teen boys can be. For parents out there reading this, you will live through teenage years and your children will live through the mistakes you will make. The hardest job in life is parenting and it DOES NOT come with a manual.

The things that they taught me or things that we did as family that worked (I think) was 1) talked about everything (no subject off limits), 2) always made time for vacation and fun, 3) attended events, 4) brought friends into our home (this sometimes brought unexpected surprises), 5) patience, no one is perfect and just as I had to learn from my mistakes I had to learn to let them do the same thing, just as they had to accept the fact that their mother was a little “different”.

In a world where relationships may come and go, a parent/child bond is unconditional. There may be time when you as a parent or child don’t approve of the activity of the other but that is an action not the person. You don’t like that, you might not even like them at the time. But always keep in mind, love your parents & love your children.

Parents as much as we hate to think about this fact, almost everything that we do in life our children find out about. We are their role model. Willingly or not. If you are a good cook, they too will probably pick it up. If you curse a lot, they to will probably do that. They basically grow up to be mini me’s. Either the mother or the father… If you are a negative Nelly you are most likely instilling a negative attitude in your child. If you have a positive attitude, you will pass that on as well. Which do you think is more successful? Just a thought?

No family is without it’s own set of unique set of problems. Certainly not mine. But I am so proud of what my boys have accomplished and the men that they have become I can only wish for all my friends that you have equal luck and love with your family!


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