WV Again?

WV again, really? While doing my daily reading I ran across another survey of good vs bad state qualities. And behold, WV tops not 1 but 2 lists. I say tops in the most sarcastic if not sad way. In today’s Yahoo Homes was an article regarding Stressed Out States. if you’ve read my blog before, you know that I’m all about sharing… So I’ll let you judge:

We can’t imagine this will come as too big of a surprise: Guess which state is the least stressed?

Yep. Hawaii.

Gallup quizzed people across the nation daily last year for its Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, asking whether they’d felt stress “a lot of the day yesterday.” The data, just released this week, show that for 2012, Hawaiians were least likely to report having felt stress: Just 32.1 percent said yes, compared with 40.6 percent of Americans overall. Hawaiians were also the least stressed in 2011, 2010, 2009 and 2008, when Gallup first started asking.

Hawaiians were also the most likely to have experienced enjoyment “a lot of the day yesterday”: 89.7 percent of them said they had, compared with 84.9 percent of Americans overall.

Guess living in paradise will do that to you.

One surprise does emerge from the survey, though. As you’d expect, states that experienced the least stress also reported the most enjoyment, and states that were more stressed reported feeling less enjoyment …

Except in Utah. Utah scored in the top five states for both stress and enjoyment. Gallup doesn’t quite know what to make of that, other than that it suggests “a complex relationship between stress and other emotions.”

Here are the five most stressed-out states, as measured by the proportion of people who reported feeling stress “a lot of the day yesterday”:

West Virginia, 47.1 percent

Rhode Island, 46.3 percent

Kentucky, 44.8 percent

Utah, 44.6 percent

Massachusetts, 43.4 percent

The five least stressed-out states:

Hawaii, 32.1 percent

Louisiana, 37.6 percent

Mississippi, 37.9 percent

Iowa, 38.1 percent

Wyoming, 38.6 percent

The five states that experienced the most enjoyment:

Hawaii, 89.7 percent

Wyoming, 88.8 percent

Utah, 88.7 percent

North Dakota, 87.9 percent

Idaho, 87.3 percent

The five states that experienced the least enjoyment:

Rhode Island, 80.4 percent

Kentucky, 81.3 percent

New Jersey, 82.0 percent

New York, 82.1 percent

West Virginia, 82.7 percent

Wasn’t it just a few weeks ago that Charleston was ranked #1 the most miserable city in the country? With Huntington #2 and Ashland, KY
#3? At what point do we as West Virginians look at these statics and not get embarrassed? For years the media has portrayed us as uneducated hillbillies, now on top of that we are unhappy, stressed, unemployed, & uneducated hillbillies. Really?!

We have amazing universities! We have top notch medical facilities. We have some of the most beautiful scenery in the United States. People come from around the world to white water raft the Gauley. While in Costa Rica last July our guides were so excited about come HERE to raft… We have The Greenbriar, and one of the top professional golf tournaments on the tour. While volunteering last year, I drove the golfers and their families around. Each and every golfer said that “this, The Greenbriar” was their favorite tournament of the year because of all of the activities and beauty it had to offer!

People tend to take for granted what they have. Simple things. You may laugh, but think about the states that do not have all four seasons. Would you miss the Spring blooms, Summer picnics, Fall foliage, and Winter snow? How about living in a place where neighbors are friendly? Hunting and fishing are steps away. You can picnic under a shade tree. Go boating on the river or lake within just miles. Motorcycle rides are as scenic as they can possibly can get… There is history and technology in WV.

I was under the impression that West Virginians were tough people. Men and women who worked the land. Strong willed. Stubborn and loyal. When did we throw up our arms and give up? Or did we?

Let us not let the other 49 states (that’s right, DC is a federal district not a state and Puerto Rico is a jurisdiction making 50 states) set back and look down upon WV. Raise the standard for WV! Start being proud of where you come from. But more importantly be happy with yourself! Be happy with who you are. Be happy with what you have, not what you want. Love your family and friends, they provide your laughter. Find a hobby. Believe in yourself, know that you are multitalented. If you are laid off in a mine, work on cars, raise a garden and sell food, drive trucks, work in a store. Do not pigeon hole yourself.

Professionals in WV. These statics reflect on you as well. When the media portrays us, they do not differentiate between white and blue collar. We are West Virginians one and all. Speak up! Be positive. Encourage and influence those around you.

I am here to say and hope I am not the only one, I came to you via Ohio, and Texas but now I am a happy West Virginian! I just hope that West Virginia will support my business!

As a reminder, the one thing that you truly have is choices. When you wake up each morning you have a choice to look at the day positively or dread the day. Choice is yours. But the day goes by so much nicer when you smile 🙂

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