Don't We All

In a perfect world, work would be:

1) 2 days a week, weekends 5
2) fun
3) we would all love what we did for a living
4) everyone would be the boss
5) raises for everyone
6) cake everyday
7) hours – 10 – 2
8) work with our best friends everyday
9) come and go as you choose
10) unlimited vacation (paid of course)
11) monthly bonus’
12) no dress code
13) catered lunches daily
14) positive reinforcement from other workers
15) company cars

Now back to reality… Although 14 of these will probably not happen for the majority of us, it’s always fun to dream! But #3… You may not become able to love your job, but there are ways that you can tolerate, even like your job more. If not that job, think strongly about starting to look for a job that you “fit”. Success doesn’t always have to mean the highest dollar amount. Of course I like “things”, and paying my bills just as much as anyone else. But where does having enough to enjoy life and pay the bills and having a job that pays you much more so that you can have “stuff” differentiate?

“Stuff” can equal boats, country club memberships, summer homes, expensive extras for your children to keep up with the Jones’… “Stuff” can also equal STRESS. Stress can equal unhappiness, bad health (many serious diseases are now connected by stress induction), anger, divorce, loneliness, etc…

By either making the best of the job that you currently have (positive attitude, getting along with people, don’t sweat the small stuff, own your position and don’t let people run over you *with tact) or finding one that is a better fit for you, Monday’s don’t seem quite so bad 🙂

By being comfortable and capable in your position also puts you in a better place for promotions and/or raises. Management looks for confidence and those who works well with others!


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