Step by Step

Life is truly a work in progress. Happiness, mistakes, rebuilding, regrets, growth… None of the things that happen in our life usually happen in an instant. It may seem to, but if we consciously look back we can see a progress that lead up to most of the events in our life. Some were wonderful adventures! Some were trips we wish we could erase. But they are ours. They make us who we are today. But the most important thing, is they are the past.

It has taken many steps to get to where you are today. And with much luck and love you will have many more! However, the decision is yours as to how you take those steps… Remembering they are one at a time. Not much to ask, really. Do we take a step forward (positive) to enhance our life? Or do we take a step backward (negative), and live in the past with regrets, what if’s, should haves, could haves? All along wasting time that you could be doing, making, loving, seeing…

Choose to have learned from your past mistakes and reveal in your accomplishments. But move forward and do more…


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