To Mother's Everywhere

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, I reflect on this picture with such mixed feelings… Of coarse the strongest is love! Where ever you are, if your mother is living please take the time to acknowledge her on her special day. Actually, we should acknowledge our mothers everyday.

Relationships with mothers can sometimes be complicated. For boys/men you will always be your mommy’s little boy. And with girls/women we grow up seeking love, advice, inspiration from our mothers. Our expectations can be overwhelming at times. We see our mother as someone who should be a “superwoman” who can do it all, yet are disappointed when there is but a little slip up. As we mature, we realize that no one is “superwoman” as “Mother” was doing the best she could one day at a time… BTW, parenting DOES NOT come with a manual. Motherhood can be exhausting.

As mothers, we love unconditionally! We get tired, grumpy and cry. We cry when we are happy and we cry when we are sad. We want nothing but the best for our children, even when you think otherwise (at least the majority of us). We have good days and bad. And when you get to our age, you will completely understand this… In your teens, expect to dislike us. In your 20’s expect to start understanding us. In your 30’s expect to start appreciating us. In your 40’s expect to start seeing yourselves in us. But the truth is, all we really want is your love and respect. Motherhood can be exacerbrating and emotional.

This picture touches me especially… I was an only child. I lost my mother in 2003 and father in 2012. But both of my parents were sick throughout my life. Particularly my father, my mom continued to work after he was disabled with a severe heart condition. However, she was also diagnosed with Lupus in her 50’s, had heart bypass surgery, high blood pressure, etc. All while she held the same job (office manager at a Ford dealership) for 47 years! Only job she ever had. Shortly after she retired, she began having “mini” strokes. After all these years of worrying that “Dad could die at any minute!” here she was, the one who needed help. Dad would have stayed up with her 24/7 but his health could not hold up to do that. I was living 20 hours away. What do you do when your mother needs you? And you have 2 teenage boys at home? That do not want to leave “home”? You look at the “big” picture. My sons went to live with their father and I came back to help mom and dad. Knowing that I would have more time with my sons at a later date, and not knowing how long I would have with either of my parents. And for almost 3 years I got to spend time with my mom. A lot of it was at doctor’s offices (nothing there to do but talk about old times), went back to school (in which she encouraged me to do), change her diapers (just as she had mine when I was little), and sit in hospital rooms. Motherhood can be giving and taking and embarrassing…

My blog today is much heavier than most. Point being, I think, is that appreciation just like life, love and happiness is one step at a time and should be given freely and often. Let your mother know how much you care for her. She NEVER gets tired of hearing it!

To Brad & Reed, you can take turns… Even Steven (carrying and changing diapers, that is 🙂


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