Hello… Been gone for a few days. Traveling, but I’m back. Much thinking while I was gone. And big changes coming. However, in the process confidence is the first word that comes to mind for me as well as for so many of my friends and clients. I love this quote. I don’t believe that we are born with confidence, it’s not a gene like blue eyes or red hair. Confidence is a choice. Period. Certainly a difficult one at times. I have heard the phrase, “Get a backbone young man”. First I thought, where the hell does that come from… Then it hit me! Perception!! Stand up straight. The appearance of knowing what you are doing. Even when you might not. This saying was not gender appropriate, but I have no idea when it originated, probably prior to feminism. So from here on, please know that my blogs are ALWAYS for everyone unless stated differently.

So if confidence can be perception, can we all have it? Yes, but it is a work in progress. You can look the part. Standing up straight, looking people in the eye, strong hand shake, do not be afraid to answer questions (bravely). However, faking it as you make it is not entire the solution. Do not fear to be wrong! Learn from your mistakes. Ask questions. If you don’t ask, people will assume that you already know (and you don’t) or you don’t care (neither is an attractive trait). Learn! Thank your mentors. Be gracious. These are traits that people with true confidence do, not those with overblown egos.

People with confidence feel better about themselves. Make better impressions at work. Are better examples to their children. Better friends and lovers.

Do you feel like you could never be a person with confidence? Why? We all put on our pants the same way… We all live by food and water… If you learn to love yourself, you will find true happiness. With true happiness, the world is at your fingertips.

So what if you are wrong once in a while? The world will not end… Children will not starve… You will pick up and try again, next time with more knowledge and confidence. We do not break so easily! Take my word on that 🙂


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