Create Yourself

This is true for men and women… When was the last time you were ask, “Who are you”? Or for that matter, when did you ask yourself, “Who am I”?

Are you a mold of something someone else wants/wanted you to be? Are you just (not taking away from the importance) someone’s mother or father? Are you just someone’s son or daughter? Husband or wife? Employee? Please ask yourself, “Who am I”? Who do I want to be?

This is far from an easy question, my friends! I have created and recreated myself… I do believe that this time I got it right! But I am here to say, no one will build the you that you want to be… But you!

One day, your children will grow up and won’t need you so much. Being mom or dad can’t be “just who you are” anymore. Unfortunately, our parents pass and being a son or daughter is a bitter sweet memory. Husbands and wives come and go… As well as employers 🙂 This blog is not to depress. Just the opposite! To encourage!!! Now is the time to think about what you want to be, do, see, be remembered, love, etc. You, just you. And because of that, the people around you will be impressed by your strength and courage.

These changes do not have to be drastic… They can be baby steps. But start thinking, who am I? Is this who I wanted to be? What can I do to be a better me? You make your choices. Each and everyday. They may have to start small, but start somewhere. Says a very happy, full figured, 55 year old, bipolar woman who is exactly what she wants to be…


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