Be Happy

Enjoy life. There’s plenty of time to be dead. – Anonymous

I know that I’m a glass is half full kind of girl (well maybe more like 3/4) but that’s been a work in progress. What I don’t understand is all of the pessimists… I understand realists. Look at a situation, weigh the positives and negatives, and decide based on the variables. But pessimists, please lighten up just a little 🙂

It puts me back on my soapbox about perception. If you only believe that bad things will happen… You will most likely find them 😦 But you ask, aren’t you disappointed when things don’t go your way? Funny, for many years they didn’t. Reminds me of the song “Broken Road”. But when you look for good things, and work for positive goals you tend to find them much more often then when you don’t look!

Brings to mind the Bobby McFerrin song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”. Just a song that makes you smile! People don’t do that often enough. If you remember the song, hum a little of it now and see it you can keep from smiling 🙂


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