For anyone who ever attended an English class or journalism class we were taught the 5 W’s… When, where, what, why, & who. It creates the story. Your life is a story in progress. Each chapter may change, but there is one constant… You are the author. While living and writing the adventure you call life, here is some extremely wise (another w word) suggestions on how to use your writing tools.

Who you are. You are an individual. No one is like you. Good or bad. You are like a snowflake. Be proud of you. No one is perfect, don’t expect that of others nor yourself.

What lies ahead. Who knows? If you are a religious person, there should be no worry what so ever. The higher power will handle your future. The future is unknown while we are here on earth. You may live to 100 or step out the door an be trampled by a herd of wild buffalo (life is crazy sometimes).

When things take a toll… Don’t sit back and take it! Get up and put you big girl panties on (big boy boxers) and take it head on! No one builds character or wins by being pushed around.

Where are the choices you make? Everyday. Every minute. About everything. You have that power! Be positive 🙂

Why can’t we know? Nothing is ever certain. How boring would that be! Reminds me of the movie “Groundhogs Day”. We want/need more adventure in our life. If it’s not good, make it an opportunity. Learn, do it better the next time.

Continue writing your book, chapter by chapter, with gusto! It may be a comedy, drama, horror story, or parts science fiction! With any luck, it will end up with a little of everything, ending up with a dra-dy (drama-comedy). Nothing like a little spice of life to look back on.



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