Happy Father's Day

Sometimes a life coach needs coaching. With Father’s Day coming this Sunday, may I wish all you father’s out there Happy, Happy Day!

As we all know Kid’s Day is everyday. Mother’s and Wife’s get Mother’s Day, Anniversary, flowers on occasion (girls you know it’s true, I do) and wish to be celebrated for the amazing women that they are. We are a different species…

Whereas men, most could care less about the celebration. Peace and quite. Love from family. Lack of fuss and fighting on their day would pacify the average man.

Truth. Women bitch about men. Men bitch about women. If you live under the same roof with anyone, you are going to find something that annoys you about them. Don’t care who they are! Husbands/wife, children, parents, friends, room mates, partners, and the list goes on.

So for this day (Father’s Day) remember all the things Dad did right this year. Remembering no one is perfect. We do the best we can do one day at a time with no parenting manual that came with either parenting or marriage. Mostly, dad goes to work so that he can put a roof over your head, food in your belly, lights in the house (TV & video games), and pays the cell phone bills. They do not magically appear, someone needs to WORK HARD to make that happen. Usually that is Dad & Mom. When dad gets home, he is exhausted and if you are very lucky he will taxi you to wherever you need to go if mom is unavailable. Or luckier, go watch or coach a sport for you. Then in his SPARE time, mow the yard, fix the leak in the bathroom, wash the car, trim the trees, and help mom in the house.

Now comes the part when I need a little coaching. My pic today is my Dad. Jeff Nichols Jr. February 22, 1927 to February 1, 2012. For the past 55 years I have been a daddy’s girl and will continue to be as long as I live. My husband and I call it living in “Jeff’s world”. It was his way or the highway. Strong, funny, always telling a story, outgoing, opinionated, and smart. Not degree smart. He told the story about living in Mingo County, WV and his mother sending him to the 4th grade 3 years in a row because she would not let him ride the bus to another school. When he reached 7th grade he felt he was to old for the other kids and dropped out. The man was crazy good with math. Quicker in his mind than me with a calculator. Politics, you knew where he stood. But he kept up with all of it and could talk like a Senator. Would have been the best lawyer ever. God how I miss him! It’s been over a year, I am getting ready for a big move and will have to face parting with some things that were his that brings back such great memories (i.e. riding mower). I know it’s time to let go. If you are having issues such as this, please know that you are not alone. We all work through this. Even professionals.

So, here’s to you Daddy and all of the other “Daddy’s” out there:
Happy Father’s Day!


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