Blind Mind

I have been called many things in my day. Liberal being possibly one of the nicer ones… But deep inside I really feel that there is a special place in people that innately good and kind. A place that does not want war, and pain, and hunger, and suffering, etc. And yes, I may be naïve, and the world is changing but most are glad to wake up in the morning. Period. Even if it is a struggle, it is still better than the alternative at this time.

And when you see (on TV or the moves, or God forbid in real life) an abused or hungry child or animal, your heart still goes out to them… An entire nation was glued to the television as Moore, OK was devastated and we were torn between terror for them and relief that it was not us. And we (most of us) have the capability of turning that TV off and going on blindly with our lives.

I’m not insinuating that we should run out and take on the world… But during the Newtown shootings, the Boston bombing, and the Moore tornados I heard the same phrase time and time again. “Look for the helpers, they will always be the ones who are helping…” Are you a helper? Or are you one that sees something going on and crosses the street or looks the other way?

And I’m not talking about major tragedies… What about children in your neighborhood that are hungry or bruised or strangely afraid of “Mommy/Daddy”? Do you passively sit by and watch your child or his/her friends “made fun” bully another child for looks/quirks/differences? Do you see stray animals shivering cold and hungry and kick them away? Will you defend someone being called names because they are a little different than you are (skin color, gender difference, illness, mental capacity)?

We are what was the future… We are teaching the future of how to behave to our children and in turn they will instill their values to theirs.

It is often said that we judge by first impression… However, our eyes that make that impression are useless when the mind is blind… And when the mind is blind, the heart will eventually turn cold.

Perception. Positivity. Opening your heart. Opening your mind. Becoming a better person for you and yours! It is the right thing to do.


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