Growing Up

The first 20 years of your life you desperately want to pass quickly so that you can “grow up”! An when you do… You spend the rest wanting to be able to be a child again. Carefree, no responsibilities, a roof over your head, food in the house, and basically no worries. Not to be overlooked the “Golden Years”. Wonder where that came from? Over the past years, older age has become anything except golden. The economy has put many elderly in a difficult financial situation. Declining health + financial woes does not = golden years.

So as a life coach, what can I say that will ease the sting of this situation? Let’s start with the same thing that I raised my children with from the time they were born. Life is not fair. Expect that from Day 1. Plan ahead. Life is what you will make of it. No more no less.

Someone I love dearly recently summed up life like this; you are born, you work, you buy shit, you die, they sell your shit. What she forgot was somewhere between the being born and dying there were a ton of memories, laughs, tears, hard work and love.

The “shit” that happens between being a kid and the “Golden Years” is what YOU make of it… That’s when perception, positivity, happiness, and the willingness to try to be better is worth it. Why drag through another day when you can CHOOSE to dance down the aisle at Kroger?

Going to work each day is no one’s idea of a picnic, however again the attitude that you have with yourself and others while you are there will make a huge difference at the end of the day! A smile, a friendly greeting and/or as management donuts occasionally keeps an office happy, happy, happy.

As a young adult you take on new responsibilities. Scary, exciting, adventurous, relationships, college, jobs, apartments, roommates, and the big one = bills! These are all learning experiences. Not all good, not all bad. Just all there. Remember no one is perfect. Remember the good ones. Learn from the bad ones.

Mid-life. One word. Crazy! Work, kids, kids activities, committees, over commitment, lack of time management, buying houses, cars, selling houses, divorces, remarriage, step families, and possibly the word that brings fear to the hearts to all parents… teenagers! Yes my friends, this too will pass. Patience. Ladies, please remember that those hormones that are racing through you have timed themselves so that they can clash just at the same time that the hormones go racing through your loving teens like a huge thunderstorm… The storm will pass. Someone once told me that teenagers were natures way of preparing us of being able to release from the nest 🙂 And this is the part of life that goes back to Rule 1. Life is not fair. Expect that from Day 1. Plan ahead. Life is what you will make of it. No more no less. Remember this is when you have to take the time to make the memories! Time passes too quickly, and if you don’t then you just have stuff, you die, and then they sell it.

Our “Golden Years”. Certainly not gold. More like the silver that gleams in our hair. Now we all know “old people”. There are several types. The grouchy old ones who grumble and never have a nice thing to say about anything or anyone. The grandma/grandpa type that everyone loves and wants to be around. The polite loner who may be a widow/widower who is nice but hardly seen. Then there is the eclectic socializer who still wants to stay young. I suppose each has their place (except for the grump). And again, me being me I think that perception of who you are and what you have has a huge bearing on your attitude on the “Golden Years”. However, if finances are truly an issue I would hope that your family would step up to help especially if you were a helper to them. To families of “Golden Years”, we are a vital resource of information. A treasure trove of memories. A link to your past, good or bad. We are not something that you can sit aside and dust once every couple of weeks. We are not an annoyance or a timer ticking for an inheritance. We may surprise you with our wit, grace and love.

This is not the shit that we expected. But this is the shit that we got. Now we have to deal with it the best and most productive way that we can. Good luck!


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