Imperfect People

First thing. Thanks for all of the readers of Growing Up! I loved writing it, because I lived it 🙂

Today I found this picture from the Hunger Games (which I loved BTW) and it just speaks volumes!

Isn’t it true that some of the nicest people that you will ever meet are the most broken people that you know. Not broken in a bad way, but life has just given them an unfair deal. Crappy childhoods, abusive relationships, alcohol/drug problems, divorce, cheating spouses, early death of love ones, illness, mental health issues, crap is there anyone that doesn’t have something that brings imperfection into their life? It’s not if it’s there… It’s just in what category you might fall, or a family member. Nonetheless, the effects are like the ripples in a pond. Have you ever wondered why these trials have been bestowed upon you and yours? Don’t feel alone. That may be only 2nd to “which came 1st, the chicken or the egg?”

I follow the school of thought that you can never truly appreciate what you have if you “have not”. You will have a clearer perception of a situation in the aftermath. And everything happens for a reason, it will come clear at a later time. Not wishing anyone to go through hell, that is the place for as the picture shows “the wisest”. Let those who have “been there, done that” help guide you. Listen through their mistakes. There will always be those who HAVE to learn by experience, thus the new generation of “the wise”…

The lonely do tend to be the kindest. They seek friendship. Who chooses to be lonely. If you are a loner, you most likely are not lonely. You are satisfied with your situation. However, if you are lonely you are craving human attention and not getting it thus you want other people to like you. Being kind hearted, helpful, and nice is a way in your mind to reach into people hearts and make them like you. And sometimes you are right. However, beware sometimes people will take advantage of your good hearted nature and leave you lonely again.

The saddest people disturb me the most. I have such a dear friend that this reminds me of. If you read this, I love you and things will be better some day! There are those who are like M&M’s. Hard shell and soft in the center. Their insides are melting in pain, however when they are out and about with work or in social situations you would never know that anything is wrong. They keep a strong smile for everyone else. They are the rock of their family. They are the bread winner. They don’t think they can afford to break… In realization, once the hard shell starts to crack there is no stopping!

Then comes the wise one. Ahh, I know the wise one. Broken at every turn. Damaged. Skeletons. But what is amazing about the wise one is that he/she keeps getting back up! He/she is to stubborn and/or crazy to give up. No matter what disaster might fall, they keep getting back up, brushing off their ass, redirecting themselves, gluing themselves back together and saying FU, let’s do this again! What did I learn from this? What can I take with me? What do I not do again? And live to tell others the story…

Many other categories for another day… But please know that no one is perfect. Don’t expect it out of someone else. And especially don’t expect it out of yourself!


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