Be happy. I am finding that it’s unfortunately one of the hardest things adults say that they can find. Happiness. This is possibly the hardest sentence I have yet to type. The sadness of age. Feeling trapped by life. We have all been there. Trapped by a job we hate. Trapped in a marriage that we tolerate (don’t worry honey, 1st one). Trapped in an area where we live by finances, family, and/or fear. If I could have one wish in life, it would be that my children would never have to experience these feelings. However, as a realist and a coach I know that this is life. The only way out is to make the choices to make changes.

If we taught our children more about living as an adult and preparing for adulthood, we may enlighten their paths. Luckily, we are not trees. If you do not like where you are, you can change. Move. Be more mobile. Our job market demands flexibility. It is tough to let your babies fly from the nest. But if you have prepared them well, they will fly, high.

And when you are choosing a mate, be prepared for change. Word of warning… Lust is different than love. We grow everyday in everyway. The person that you are hot after today, may not be the person that you want to spend a month with when you are recovering from rotator cuff surgery and there are 3 kids at home. Look beyond the surface. Find someone you have common interests, find funny, and have that spark. You are less likely to feel trapped when you are hanging with your “friend” instead of “that woman/man” that gets on your very last nerve…

If your job is sending you over the edge, to the point of stroking out (and you know who I mean)! Change it! I know jobs are scarce, and the money may not initially meet what you are making but it beats insurance money that the family will blow through. Plus, you won’t have to deal with those #&@^ anymore. There are companies that will appreciate quality people!

And lastly, for retirees. Be happy!!! Live for what makes you happy. For the last 60ish years of your life you have lived for someone else… You have worked and worked hard for your significant other, your kids (now grown), job, house payments, utilities, bills, bills, and more bills. Life is not fair. If you read my blogs, that is my Rule #1. You may live another 30 years or another 30 minutes. You make your choices. You have finished your job, raised your kids, and paid your bills. NOW IT IS YOUR TURN! One would hope that our children would want us to be the happiest that we want to be… If not, they should have been raised better.

Change is difficult. At any age. However, normally gratifying. Don’t be the person who is born, works, buys stuff, dies, then they sell your shit. Make happy memories. Enjoy life. It’s yours, why not?


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