Bio: My name is Peggy Sovine and I am the creator of Sovine Life Coaching. I have developed this business to encourage, inspire, and teach that your dreams are truly within your reach! This I know because I am living mine. My story could be much like your own. We all have made questionable life choices in the past, our only differences are how we resolve those choices. And I believe in choices, the choice to laugh instead of cry, the choice to be proud of the man/woman that you are(from the inside out), and the choice to work toward your goals. I am originally from Southern Ohio and have spent the majority raising my sons in Dallas, TX as a single mother (who might I say have turned out quite successful). I have managed high rise commercial real estate in Dallas to being an assistant to the president and senior team of a coal company in WV. I also have my BA in Psychology from Ohio University as well as my MA in Education and Mental Health Counseling from Lindsey Wilson College. I have spent time counseling as well as working in big business. My love for coaching has always been a part of my life. I was immediately drawn to “Person Centered” therapy. I feel that people should have more passion in their lives, be happier, more confident, and ready to meet the world head on! And I want to help with that. You may ask why not therapy… And why Life Coaching? I am a huge advocate of psychotherapy. And believe that if your issues are significant enough for therapy, I will have the insight to refer you to a good therapist. However, there are also many who just need a little motivation, insight, and personal cheerleader, someone to help set goals and hold you accountable. There are people out there without psychological diagnosis that need direction. We see so many people hiring personal trainers to get their bodies in shape, we hire personal accountants to handle our money, we watch and count on our favorite sport coach to make the right decisions for our teams, but do we do anything to proactively work on our happiness? Call me. I am 55 and living my dream.

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